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Top 2GNT Technical Handling/Suspension
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Topics in this discussion
Brake Upgrades & Handling Stages [View all]TeamDR1665, Mar-05-10 10:34 AM, 3 Replies

Been awhile. Back with another 99 OZ eclipse gs [View all]cragster, Jun-30-18 03:56 PM, 0 Replies
Anyone do the ball joint recall recently? [View all]ez, Aug-24-15 10:38 AM, 6 Replies

Accident damage [View all]Freshasfck, Mar-30-15 07:16 PM, 2 Replies

Noisy struts. [View all]John99RS, Oct-04-14 01:19 PM, 6 Replies

Picked up some suspension goodies today. [View all]mgleason007, Jul-05-14 08:54 PM, 0 Replies
2 new 205/55/16 tires here in SoCal: Front or rear? [View all]jazzkeys, May-31-14 03:05 PM, 1 Replies

Pics of some of my recent suspension upgrades [View all]iamnotwhoiam, Nov-30-13 05:28 PM, 13 Replies

front camber kit hardware? [View all]TurbchargdSpydr, Sep-29-13 09:39 AM, 1 Replies

Trouble, removing brake line from proportioning valve. [View all]dalesmitsu, Sep-13-13 01:27 AM, 1 Replies

Front end problems [View all]Iratelowery, Aug-14-13 04:19 PM, 2 Replies

Rs 420a [View all]Iratelowery, Aug-14-13 04:05 PM, 2 Replies

Recent Alignment - Spec sheet [View all]Moderatorxcasbonx, Aug-13-13 06:21 AM, 0 Replies
Need people with 8.5" and 9" wide rims [View all]ModeratorCorbin, Aug-01-13 01:12 PM, 17 Replies

Check out what I did today! [View all]CombatHM, May-28-13 10:49 AM, 2 Replies

98 eclipse GS Hub spindles keep breaking [View all]navdude101, May-13-13 10:51 AM, 3 Replies

1995 Eclipse GS tire size questions? [View all]Castle, Apr-10-13 05:31 PM, 3 Replies

Wheel hop with Tein S Techs? [View all]bagged420a, Apr-09-13 07:16 AM, 0 Replies
Stock KYB shocks plain oil shocks, not gas shocks, so don't re-extend when manually compressed [View all]Moderatorjuan, Mar-16-13 07:53 PM, 3 Replies

How to center steering wheel? [View all]MCubed45, Mar-11-13 08:50 PM, 6 Replies

3G brake master in a 2G (in wiki) [View all]Moderatorbullettdsm, Mar-09-13 10:05 AM, 2 Replies

Prothane - Front lower control arm bushing [View all]MCubed45, Mar-07-13 12:28 PM, 1 Replies

Prothane bushings - still have to load suspension? [View all]MCubed45, Feb-27-13 09:37 PM, 8 Replies

Snapped bearing/knuckle bolt [View all]MCubed45, Feb-27-13 09:31 PM, 2 Replies

New wiki article; 3G rear in a 2G [View all]Moderatorbullettdsm, Feb-27-13 07:57 PM, 6 Replies

replacing shocks, bushing, r&p.. anything else? [View all]MCubed45, Jan-31-13 01:36 PM, 4 Replies

Squeak when doing a low speed turn [View all]Th3DooM, Jan-27-13 03:23 PM, 2 Replies

Park, Bang, Crash! Was that my axle? [View all]valdeelrico, Jan-22-13 11:07 PM, 8 Replies

3G/avenger rear suspension conversion. Will the rear link(the one with ball joint) fit? [View all]gramozeka, Nov-24-12 05:39 AM, 13 Replies

Front suspension clunk. Cant track down [View all]SilvrEclips, Oct-01-12 06:45 AM, 23 Replies

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