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Subject: "RE: Noisy struts." Previous topic | Next topic
ModeratorxcasbonxJul-17-14 11:24 AM
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#33841, "RE: Noisy struts."
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Jul-17-14 11:25 AM by xcasbonx


The way you're describing that sound it sounds like it could be the infamous lower lateral arm balljoint.

Again, old talon I had, made a similar noise like that. Low speed, every turn, screeeeech, squeeeeeek. One day in my driveway went to turn and the balljoint separated, bent the arm, and popped the axle out of the trans.

Long story short, I made the dealer replace all of it on their accord since they had "checked them" before this and just put some sealant on the bottoms of them. That was back in 02...damn.

Then again, it could just be a worn out shock.

I contributed to the Wiki.


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