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Global Ruler Of All ThingsDarkOneAug-22-13 08:57 AM
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#2334, "RE: New to 2g NT"
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Aug-22-13 08:58 AM by DarkOne


Originally posted by Achelea
The wire is plugged in, but I don't know if it's just shorted out else where or not. Before the needle was stuck in the middle, then it decided to just bottom out like it's shorted or something.

Check for corrosion on the connector. May also be a dead sensor. It happens.

Originally posted by Achelea
I was looking through some stuff, and I found this with some of the parts. Problem is I don't know if it goes to this car or not.

The leftmost looks sort of like an O2 sensor socket. The right side looks like the plug that would go in it. The purple one I'm not sure about...


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