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AcheleaJul-27-13 10:24 PM
Member since Jan 03rd 2012
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#2331, "New to 2g NT"


Hello all, thought I'd say hi.

I've had a 92 Eclipse GSX for 5 years now, but in Dec of '11 I bought a 98 Eclipse GS. Owner said fuel pump, turned out to be timing. It took me 18 months, but I finally got the car running. And I'm discovering there is a LOT of things this car needs.

Part of it is previous owner bs.
Part of it is 306k mile bs
Part of it is a result of my head swap. I did the head swap at my brothers, and his house is an hour away. Unfortunatly, nothing stayed where it was put, and things got lost, or thrown away, and I am picking up where I am missing things.

So far, I've got a rather humbling squawk list to take care of.

1.) Exhaust leaks. Everywhere. Flex section is damaged, and the exhaust just up stream of the cat all the way back to where the muffler bolts on is rusted out.
2.) LH Tie rod end is worn. Hazardously so. The tire on that tire was near bald. I guess he never thought the clunking was important.
3.) CEL, my old friend. Tell me your secrets.
4.) Thermostat needle is pegged all the way down. No idea how hot she is.
5.) Codes checked revealed o2 sensor not testing, emissions, large leak. and misfire in cylinder 4
6.) Poured in green coolant. Coolant overflow bottle is brown. I think I need a flush.
7.) Battery tie down tray? we don't need no steeenkin tie down tray. Well, the PO didn't. I do.
8.) Radiator fan wiring. All clipped and taped together.
9.) Rear liscense plate lights are falling out.. why? their bracket is rusted out.
10.) Speaking of rust, center of the hatch is rusted out right there.
11.) Speaking of the hatch, the strut on the LH side is seized in the down position.
12.) Speaking of down position, the release lever won't release unless one person holds it, and another lifts.
13.) Damage from hitting a deer. Front bumper, LH Headlight, Hood, both fenders.
14.) Passenger side airbag cover is curled up. Wonder if it deployed.
15.) Speaking of passenger side, the RH inertial wheel seems to be seized. Seat belt does not retract.
16.) Parking brake does not operate. Period.
17.) All brakes are rusted.
18.) Terrible noise in back occasionally. PO might be a little right in fuel pump failure.
19.) Missing lid on trim in center console. I hate holes in my interiors.
20.) Car does not idle well, spits, misses, sputters. Smelling coolant and fuel. Could be overflow I smell. I sure as hell hope the block's not cracked. Or I messed up installing the head.
21.) Alignment is fubar. Likely relating to the tie rod end. Steering wheel is canted 10 degrees to the left while driving.
22.) Underside looks like he drove over a curb, or off the road. It's not pretty.

So help me... >.<

1992 Eclipse GSX, Black
1998 Eclipse GS, White


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