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Subject: "FS/WTB Rules (YOUR RIGHTS)" Previous topic | Next topic
AdministratorStar Turbo TalonMar-19-07 05:45 AM
Member since Oct 21st 2003
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#93493, "FS/WTB Rules (YOUR RIGHTS)"
Jul-02-10 12:00 PM by Star Turbo Talon




1. Any and all posts in the for sale section SHALL have FS, WTB, or GI in first part of the title. (FS: For sale WTB: Wanted to Buy GI: Gauging Interest)

2. You must have 25 posts to post in any FS/WTB section

3. All Items being sold SHALL have a price the seller is looking to get. This will aid in cutting down confusion.

4. No useage of the term "Dibs". The person who calls "Dibs" will have his post only deleted.

5. There will be no Auctions or Raffles. If that is what you wish then do it on ebay.

6. After you complete a sale, post "sold" in the thread so the moderators can lock it.

7. All threads 30 days old will be locked. You must repost your Items. Bumping is allowed, continue to do so.

8. After you complete a transaction with another member, post in the good guys/bad guys section please.

9. Any rules may be altered at the discretion of the moderating staff at any time without notification.

10. When selling multiple Items, combine them in one post. Posting several threads for multiple items will only get your thread deleted.

11. All posts must be related to a 2GNT. Sell your other toys on ebay.

*Disclaimer: Team 2GNT, its owners and Site Team, are in no way involved in the dealings within the BST sections of the site. People can and DO get ripped off. As such, Team 2GNT can not be held responsible for any losses you, as a user, might incur as a result of participating in this forum. Use your best judgement and proceed with caution.


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Top Team 2GNT Marketplace 2GNT Buy / Sell / Trade (BST) topic #93493 Previous topic | Next topic
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