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Top Team 2GNT Community Introductions topic #2366
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Subject: "Hello all im new to the group and dsm's" Previous topic | Next topic
FreshasfckJan-18-15 08:58 AM
Member since Jan 18th 2015
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#2366, "Hello all im new to the group and dsm's"


I'd like to introduce myself to all you guys. My name is Sean or from now on Freshasfck. I got the username off the sticker on the front winshield of my 97 RS that I purchased a couple weeks ago. Don't ask me why it was there as many of you know previous owners do funny things to these cars.

Anyways I've wanted a 2g since around 99 when I was 14 and starting to look at cars. They just looked better than anything available and I never lost interest in them. To make a long story short life got in the way and I trashed several other types of vehicles and now here I am. I was in need of a daily driver and a post came up on facebook of someone selling a RS for best offer and I picked my new lady up for $700.

So far I've put on new tires, plugs, wires, coil pack and front roll stop and cleaned the IACV and throttle body along with a new TB gasket . Still trying to chase down a few minor problems but it's going well. Having a decent job helps alot with making the progress pretty fast. My next step is replacing the rear roll stop, upper intake manifold gasket and valve cover gasket.

That's it for now. I hope to be able to contribute on some level as I have gained plenty of info so far by lurking in the shadows.



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Hello all im new to the group and dsm's [View all] , Freshasfck, Jan-18-15 08:58 AM
  RE: Hello all im new to the group and dsm's, bliixx, Jun-15-15 07:50 PM, #1

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