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Top Team 2GNT Community Introductions topic #2349
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Subject: "New Girl want to say hello" Previous topic | Next topic
KirovrussianJan-05-14 11:18 PM
Member since Jan 05th 2014
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#2349, "New Girl want to say hello"


Hey Everyone,
My name is Sara and I am from montana. I found this site from my friends on DSM Nation Facebook page. I am apart of DSM Tuners forum and facebook page. Ive been building cars with my dad since I could walk and alot of those cars were DSMs. Right now I have a black 99 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. It has over 140K and was never taken care of by previous owners to the point that the radiator is bad and she over heats soo much that after a compression test I believe that the head gasket is bad and the head could be cracked, and my block warped. when I first start it there is alot of ticking like valve lifters and maby a bent piston. it quiets down after it heats up. when driven she has very little power, and smokes like crazy (burning oil and coolant. little fuel issue could be due to head gasket, after I have been driving (not when idling) I come to a stop sign or light an when I stop it acts like its starving for fuel. dies often but starts back up. Last issue I noticed is when I changed the oil I found flakes of metal in the oil telling me my bearings could be bad. my current plan is to buy a 420A from steve miller import parts at the end of the month. then buy after market radiator, alternator, and cold air intake. any questions or suggestions just message me. nice to meet you all.


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