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Top 2GNT Technical Performance/Engine Manual Trans - NV-T350 topic #9087
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ModeratorbullettdsmApr-26-13 04:45 AM
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#9092, "RE: Quaife concern"
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Apr-26-13 04:53 AM by bullettdsm


Well, isn't this a curious thing.

Yes, typical old skool method of checking is to spin with the wheels off the ground. They spin together you got it, they spin opposite, you don't. BUT that is for an LSD. The Quaife is not an LSD, its an ATB. Automatic Torque Bias. Its based off helical gears that need load to function properly.

So I have Quaifes installed in both my cars, let's go down and check. Sure enough they both spin opposite when up in the air.

Maybe we should test them (insert requisite burn out);

(yes I know open diff's can do this. I posted that as a funny. Testing was done on cornering. Geez the internet lawyer disclaimers )

So I says to myself, "Self, let's do some internutz checking on other experiences".

And what do I find? Its all over the place. Some have wheels spinning the same, some have wheels spinning opposite. One did a brand new install and had his spinning opposite. One even said he did the test a couple of times and one time it was the same and one time it was opposite, lol.

So, easiest way to see if you have a Quaife is the visual (as noted look for no diff pin). To see if it works, pop a quick holeshot while one wheel is on dirt/gravel and the other is on tar. Or do a corner pull.

Captain Caveman

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