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Top Team 2GNT Community Introductions topic #2342
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DimovarDec-30-13 11:07 AM
Member since Dec 30th 2013
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#2342, "New to the Forum"


Hey guys, I traded my 95 Civic hatch with 150k for a 97 GS with 124k back in June. I've lurked around the forums for awhile, but just recently came across 2gnt and immediately got sucked in with all the information.

My eclipse had some issues when I got it, still has a few issues I'm working on, and will probably have a few more issues down the road. I'd still say I'm in love with this car, and although it's only the second car I've ever personally owned, it's the best car I've ever driven. When I got it, nearly every mod done to it was done the wrong way. But now that I have it, I'm righting the wrongs, and improving. Granted, I'm still in high school, so time and money are often quite short, but I do the best I can with what I have.

A short "mod" list includes:
-Stage 2 clutch (not sure what brand)
-A broke-az short shifter (will be switching to oem within the week)
-Black center console and dash
-Black headliner and removed cloth on sunroof
-Ebay CAI
-14" Sears rims with falken ziex tires
-Ebay radio
-Yellow high beams
-Full 2.5" stainless exhaust w/ cat delete and 4" trash can muffler
-More that I'm forgetting ATM

Bad things about the car:
-HUGE power steering leak, won't hold fluid
-Frayed shifter cables, won't shift into 2, 4, or R. Being replaced within the week
-Bad thermostat, causing rad fan to stay off, causing engine to nearly overheat. Being replaced within the week.
-Radiator fan is jerry-rigged to the battery and fusebox so that it's always on, but when thermostat is replaced, redirect (hopefully) won't be necessary.

here are some recent pics of the car taken with my cell phone


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Top Team 2GNT Community Introductions topic #2342 Previous topic | Next topic
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