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Top Team 2GNT Community Introductions topic #2050
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eclpeddieAug-18-11 04:52 PM
Member since Sep 02nd 2008
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#2050, "New to 2gnt"
Aug-18-11 05:21 PM by eclpeddie


im edward and i have a 99 eclipse RS. i have alot of exterior mods, some interior, some sound, and some performance. here is my list from what i can remember.

Blitz body kit
R1 Racing wheels (stagger effect)
Led Tail lights
Angel eye projector headlights
street glow neons
Tinted windows

katskinz seat kit
Completly painted panels black
Black carpet replaced
Black healiner replaced

Mtx 10' thunder 8500
Total moble audio 500W amp
Pioneer door speakers
Xplode 6X9s
Alpine headunit

D2 coilover shocks about 3 in drop
Baer big brake kit
Crower titanium springs and retainer
Fluidine radiator
Crower Stage 2 3/4 race cams(not yet installed)
Egr block off
Custom panted valve cover
Msd coil pack
Aem short ram intake
Ebay cat back exhaust
High flow cat
Ebay header
hyamee front strut bar(if that is even spelled correctly)
ARP head studs
AEM tru time cam gears

i have more mods i would like to do some will just take time. i will be posting pictures later thanks


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