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Subject: "Painted my wheels today" Previous topic | Next topic
mgleason007May-31-14 03:55 PM
Member since May 18th 2014
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#105969, "Painted my wheels today"


They didn't come out the greatest, but at least there's no paint chips in them anymore. I also painted the rear caliper brackets red before I complete the rear drum to disc swap. Better prep work would've definitely improved the finish. The paint does not fill in any imperfections like I'd hoped.

The paint used:

The car up on jackstands, where she belongs:

Quick trip around the car before I took the wheels off:

Ready to wash and sand:

Washed, sanded, and ready to go:

If only the weather cooperated (this was Thursday, it did the same thing Friday):

Ready to go this afternoon. I used index cards instead of tape for two reasons: 1) tape would be a pain 2) overspray.

First coat of primer:

Last coat of primer (I went with a light, medium, then light coat):

First coat of color:

I ended up going with two light coats, on medium, and then a really light coat

First coat of gloss:

Second and final coat of gloss (both medium coats):

Prep took about three hours. MAKE SURE YOU WET SAND. DO NOT DRY SAND. Dry sanding takes forever, and doesn't give good results. The wheel in the lower right was dry sanded. ONLY WET SAND.

The painting took about 90 minutes. You should definitely wear a mask. I figured that I was painting outdoors and didn't need one. Now I'm blowing paint out of my nose. So WEAR A MASK.

A can gun was also a huge help. The one I got from Amazon was like $6, which is where I got all of my wheel painting supplies. The high-temp flat red and high-temp gloss for the caliper brackets that you can see in the middle of the wheels was from summitracing.com. Also, I barely used more than a can of color. You should definitely be able to get by with just two. I did use about a can and a half of clear coat.


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