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ModeratorVX100Feb-13-16 03:56 PM
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#49040, "RE: That'll buff out"
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I have to wait until Tuesday to find out what I will get from insurance to cover repair costs. I missed the call from the total loss department person on Thursday, and he wasn't at work Friday. Car will cost more to fix than it is worth so it went to total loss department, but I should be able to avoid getting a salvage title.

According to the main insurance adjustor (if he is correct) a car over 10 years old in this state won't get a salvage title anyway. I can ask for a "owner retained title" instead, according to the person I have lined up doing the repairs. He recommended I ask that because the car is not in an undriveable state as there is no frame damage, just essentially a broken sunroof and dented roof panel. I intend to NOT get a salvage title.

I think what will happen is my title remains unchanged, I will get car value minus deductible, minus salvage value. If I don't like what I hear from insurance company (need to obtain a salvage title and will also get very little money for the car, or there will be a problem insuring it in the future) then I can cancel the claim. That means paying everything out of pocket, but price to fix seems ok if I have to, relatively speaking of course. Could have been much worse damage.

The person lined up to fix the car needs to look at it (he's seen photos so far) and pricing seems reasonable for a rough estimate, but we'll see what he says when he gets eyes on it. Repairs won't start for probably 3 weeks but that's no problem, not in the middle of the winter as I wouldn't drive it anyway.

I already have a whole sunroof assembly for it too Got it myself to keep costs down, didn't realize you can get them for not too much money.

"Tutto fa brodo."

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And also a 2011 Ralliart


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