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Top 2GNT Technical Handling/Suspension topic #847
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Subject: "looking for group RM sway bar purchase" Previous topic | Next topic
gzrs99Feb-21-01 08:28 PM
Old School 2GNTer
108 posts,
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#847, "looking for group RM sway bar purchase"


I finally installed a rear sway bar conversion from RS to GST. I can't belive it was soooooooo Simple it wasn't even funny
Thanx to corban's web page. The whole project took Approx 45min. Faster than a header installation. There was noticable improvment in cornering.
One thing tho I found alot easier in removing those two lower control arm bolt that are torqued to 71ft lbs. I used a 17mm 6pt box wrench to remove (break) the nuts (don't use a 12 point wrench you'll easily strip the nut). Also, when torquing all the LCA bolts. i centered my floor jack under the car's cross member lifted the entire rear car then place jack stands under the LCA knuckle. Then torqued lca to mfg specs.
I'v read on the mess board there was a group buy in progress for RM sway bars. Howver, can't remember where i've seen it. I need help in locating a e - address to include myself in the group buy. the more people invloved cheaper the price. Thanxs


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looking for group RM sway bar purchase [View all] , gzrs99, Feb-21-01 08:28 PM
  RE: looking for group RM sway bar purchase, Hoot, Feb-22-01 12:40 AM, #1

Top 2GNT Technical Handling/Suspension topic #847 Previous topic | Next topic
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