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Top 2GNT Technical Handling/Suspension topic #588
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SkrillaJan-31-01 11:33 AM
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#588, "Wonders of Suspensions (long)"


I thought about writing this after just reading

"2g rs *~vs~* 3g gs" in the Racing Section

2KEclipse mentioned a few things about suspensions and so did VX100. Both, I felt, made valid points about the 3G and 2G Eclipse suspensions. So I thought I'd add some knowledge of suspension types to the (none other than) Handling/Suspension section.

I've read this before (among us actually) about the advantages of MacPherson strut suspensions, and how they can be utilized for high performance, it's all a slight misconception. Some people think suspensions just goes up and down holds the wheel and bears the weight. This is not true at all different sus. have special tasks and performance isn't the task of the MacPherson strut suspension Well here is the truth: MacPherson SS are used because they are inexpensive for Auto Manufacturers to purchase and light in weight, NOT because they are used for performance and not because they can take corners quickly. Now some of you are probably thinking to yourselves "Skrilla has no idea what he talking about"-so just let me clarify. The secret in a decent or well handling car lies in the rear suspension. In super cars (not sportscars, there is a difference) they stick to 4 wheel multilink. A car's ability to quickly change direction and Yaw only really needs to be accomplished in a heavy car, because it is easier to do in light cars so Manufacturers use different meathods to accomplish this. The PERFECT eg. is in the Porshe Boxter. Now The BEST suspension would utilize a fully multilink 4 wheel suspension to control all the different movements the chassis presses against the wheels and the environment(roads) press against the wheels. After that is the double wishbone sus. then Macpherson strut sus.
Now Porshe creates a formidable handling car in the boxter by lowering it's polar movement. This can be done in any car by lowering it (springs) and properly dampening it(adjustable struts/shocks). Then they attempt to "Center" it's polar movement which means bringing as much weight toward the middle as they feel necessary/possible, such as the engine. In the real world a novice wants a front engine RWD layout with a 50/50 weight distribution. A car like this handles very well BUT requires more engine torque to perform a turn and is less capable at quick direction changes, making it easier to drive hard at high speeds. The secret of the Nimble Boxter lies in it's very complex multilink rear sus. Mid engine and low weight. By giving their car a "mid" engine it brings the weight slightly towards the center-rear. Bringing slightly more weight to the rear in a 2850lb car will help the tail swing if wanted and kept in check with fat wheels and (you guessed it) a multilink rear sus. and thin/weak rollbar (to maintain the rear tires contact patch and prevent un-wanted tail happy antics). After all this is done to the chassis the only thing the front suspension really must do is acurately turn and hold 40% of the weight. That's SIMPLE! Any sus. can handle that so what's the point in bringing in and wasting money on a complete multiling front sus. when the car can bairly break 150MPH-There Isn't! Thus the reasoning for the Macpherson front sus. in the Porshes. Our cars are a different story since they bear the burden of 3 tasks(as far as we are concerned) and they are: FULLY using the front wheels' contact patch, prevent cornering dip and maintaining 62%+ weight of the entire car. That is a big task and must be kept in line with a REAL suspension, which is the reason all 2G's have multilink front suspensions. For higher performance than a 1G, which actually had a live rear axle(except AWD)-unbelievable for a performance car. The sus. also provides total passenger and engine comfort. BTW the multilink is the most expensive, the heaviest and the highest performing in suspensions, which also goes to explain why the 2G is physically about the same size as a Civic SI and still outweighs them in their lightest form(base model eclipse) by 215 pounds. Pre '01 Civics use double wishbone sus. and the even lighter (VE 5 speed) Corolla at less than 2400lbs, which use 4 wheel Macpherson struts.

Anyway I hope this adds a lil' to our community.

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