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RoninEclipse2GFeb-09-10 01:56 AM
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#32704, "RE: Annoying Noises"
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Originally posted by dalesmitsu
Originally posted by RoninEclipse2G Squealing while turning the wheel is usually a loose belt slipping on the pump, or a bad tensioner. Bad struts can cause tires to wear very unevenly which could cause thumping noises, or the strut could just be toast and the tire is actually bouncing as you drive down the road. Squeaking on bumps is indicative of worn sway bar bushings. Sounds like your suspension needs an overhaul.
Thanks, Ronin. You described it to a T.

You're welcome. Everyone seemed stuck on the wheel fitment question so I figured I'd give you an answer about your noise issues

A cheap (free) way to test struts is to get someone that weighs in excess of 200lb to do a push test on the corners of the car. Have them push all their weight on each corner off the car right at the strut (open the hood so that they don't mash the sheet metal) Good struts should allow the car to compress then come right back up and stay there. Bad struts will allow the car to slowly bounce or wave. Toast struts can look like a lowrider on hydros bouncing

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