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whtclipse98Dec-26-09 01:13 PM
Member since Mar 18th 2009
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#32664, "RE: Lowering springs"
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Dec-26-09 01:17 PM by whtclipse98


I have a set of Tanabe Super Down Precedo springs on my car and it gave me a 2.25 inch drop and I have had no problems with my suspension at all. The only problem I have had is my tire wear due to the negative camber that has yet to be corrected correctly. I have had these springs for a long while and I have delt with many of the negative aspects of lowering an eclipse this low. With that said, take in mind that you will be a lot closer to the ground so speed bumps are an issue along with some inclines, bumps, driveways, getting the car onto lifts, and using a jack to lift the car. You have to make sure that if you are wanting that low of a drop that you are willing to deal with all the down sides to it.

The guys on here who are telling you to run Eibach are RIGHT. That low of a drop can be a pitfall. Eibach are proven to be a good quality spring with a great ride. If you want to fill that wheel well up, get a taller tire. I run a 205/40/r17 and there isn't much tire there. I would recommend running a 45 series so that the gap won't be as noticeable.

Get the springs you want but do not start complaining about your tires wearing out prematurely, damaging your front bumper, or scrubbing everywhere you go.


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