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ModeratorbullettdsmApr-15-09 05:58 PM
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#32183, "RE: Major Problem.."
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Originally posted by Locke_db
If the nut is removed, and you cannot get it out of the bushing, then don't bother with an impact wrench. The rubber bushing will absorb nearly 100% of the shock from the impact wrench - after all, that is what the bushing is designed to do. The bolt shank has seized to the steel sleeve in the bushing.

True dat. All of it.

The Honda guys have this problem a lot. I have only run into it once with our cars (once was enough). Nope didn't get it. Ended up getting a new lateral arm. Just couldn't get it, so I ended up smoking it out, lol. I heated it up until the rubber was on fire (I get pissed sometimes). Then I cut off one end with a sawzall.

It was messy.

Captain Caveman

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