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Top 2GNT Technical Performance/Engine Engine Management Systems & Controllers topic #5778
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Subject: "Misfire At Idle" Previous topic | Next topic
Wes TankAug-20-13 04:22 PM
Member since Oct 13th 2006
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#5778, "Misfire At Idle"


Hey guys.

My car is running good and things are going well but I have this pesky misfire right around 1100-1200 rpm. It only happens at that rpm with 0% throttle. If I turn my radiator fans on or lights on to load the engine down a bit, the rpms drop to about 800-900 and the idle is fine. This is really stumping me.

The link below leads to my log file which can be viewed with megalog viewer and I also have a video to show you what I'm talking about.



I looked into it a little further last night and when it is missing, I can take #1 or 4 spark plug wires off and there is no change in the way the engine sounds or runs. There is spark in those cylinders. I wonder if it has something to do with the injector driver for those cylinders.

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Misfire At Idle [View all] , Wes Tank, Aug-20-13 04:22 PM
  RE: Misfire At Idle, Tired2, Aug-24-13 10:08 PM, #1

Top 2GNT Technical Performance/Engine Engine Management Systems & Controllers topic #5778 Previous topic | Next topic
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