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Top 2GNT Technical Performance/Engine Engine Management Systems & Controllers topic #5748
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PureinsanityJun-22-13 07:55 PM
Member since Jul 26th 2012
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#5748, "no start"


Ok I recently installed a megasquirt into my 420a talon. Here's the setup I bought. ( http://www.symtechlabs.com/catalog/megasquirt-ems-kit-420a-p-57.html ) I was running 1000cc injectors with a resistor from a 4g63. Ok after I set it up I went ahead to stat it and it ran for about a second or two. So I started it again and it idled at about 1500. I did not think much of it because the Idle valve might not of been set up right. But it was running trebly rich. (there was gas dripping from the exhaust after the turbo) But I turned it off and turned the dead time up and started it again. It ran for about a minute then it just stopped. I tried starting again and it felt like I was cranking over faster and easier then normal, but it would not start again. So Then I installed the stock injectors and changed the settings in tuner studio hoping that the extra fuel was stopping it from running. But it still would not kick. So I installed new plugs thinking I fouled the plugs still no change. It usually pops/backfires once then nothing. There's spark on all cylinders the fuel injectors are spitting fuel and I checked the spark timing with a light and it looked like it was on spot. The compression was low about 60 on all cylinders. Figured the engine was cold and forged internals could cause that. Not if you crank it and hold the throttle to the floor you can hear popping coming from the intake, Bent valves? Also there's a good bit of gas in the oil now I did not have a chance to change it yet could that cause a problem. Also if anyone could give me a good starting setup for my tunerstudio to get me started that would be great! This is the first time I ever messed with a engine management system. Thanks in advance hopefully someone can help.


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no start [View all] , Pureinsanity, Jun-22-13 07:55 PM
  RE: no start, Tired2, Jun-23-13 08:23 PM, #1

Top 2GNT Technical Performance/Engine Engine Management Systems & Controllers topic #5748 Previous topic | Next topic
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