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Top 2GNT Technical Performance/Engine Auto Trans- A604 topic #4735
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Subject: "autostick conversion" Previous topic | Next topic
alain95i4Aug-12-12 07:44 PM
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#4735, "autostick conversion"


what you need for an autostick conversion

1 2gnt model year 1996 to 1999 sorry 1995 can't be converted

1 TCM with autostick software pulled from a Cloud car with autostick 1997 to 1999 for sure the best bet is to spot a Sebring convertible with the 6g73 engine they were all autostick , 2000 may work or not , chrysler changed the electronic data bus in several cars starting in 1999 on new models and even if the TCM itself looks the same the guts inside are different, you will need to try a 2000 to be sure and if you have a check engine it will not work because of the new data bus
the old how to I mentionned pt cruiser but they won't work
1997 to 1999 are safe bet
you could spot an autostick car by looking at the transmission bezel, autostick will look like this

no 3 and 1 gear position and the word autostick at the bottom

you need pins to insert in the connector , the best is to take the TCM AND the connector at the yard at the same time
and once home you will have to destroy the connector to take a few wires out
they look like this and you need to of 2

this is the tcm pinout

pin 5 autostick UP
pin 44 autostick down

first you need to remove your old tcm
you will open the connector of the tcm and you will drill holes in position 5 and 44 , after that take a small tool like a tiny screwdriver or some kind of punch tool and you need to remove a stupid plastic pin stuck inside the connector because if not you will have a really hard time trying to put the new pins inside the holes you just drilled
you will need to pull 2 wires from inside the car to the connector and splice them with the OEM wires

and slide them in holes 5 and 44 take note what is where for reference

now inside the car you have to choose what you're gonna do for gear changing
Me I wanted to swap the whole shifter but it was too much works at first glance to fit everything, MAYBE using the shifter of a 3g eclipse could be easier
I choose to keep the stock shifter and I modified it for autostick with a switch installed where the OD is

the switch is MOM-off-MOM type meaning Momentary contact on side-off in the middle-Momentary contact on the other side it is spring load so when in standby it stays in the middle and goes back there automatically
autostick works by pulling line 5 or 44 to ground
if you choose a switch like mine ground would go on the middle pin, autostick down on the top pin and autostick up on the down pin (remember the contacts on the switch are always reversed to the mechanical action pushing up makes continuity between down and middle, pushing down makes continuity between up and middle)

take a good ground like at the cigarette lighter socket or on a bolt
I use one of the 4 bolts that hold the shifter bezel in place
you could also hack a set of paddle shifter, rewire the cruise control , go crazy with a 2 button racing wheel etc etc etc do what you want as long as you have 2 wires to 5 and 44 plus ground

you are basically done so far you should have a working autostick car with a speedo reading twice the speed
reason for this we have a mitsubishi speedo and a chrysler tcm , mitsu doesn't use the same pulse system as chrysler speedo so our tcm were made to take care of that , but with autostick you are now running with a tcm made for a chrysler speedo

to correct that you go to a dealer , spend a lot of money asking them to correct the pinion factor of the tcm, and chance are high they will fail to do it
choice number 2 you need to splice in a divide by 2 electronic circuit
you could make one for youself with a few parts
1 CD4018B IC , cost around $1
1 TIP120 power transistor , another $1
1 circuit board for assembly

when you look at the transistor facing you the pin out is B (base) on the left, C (collector) in the middle, E (emitter) on the right

the cd4018B has 16 pins and we are using 4 of them
pin 1 is input and will go to tcm
pin 5 is output and will need to reach pin B of the tip120
pin 8 goes to ground
pin 16 goes to 12V of the car

pin E of the tip120 go to ground
pin C of the tip120 go to the speedo


car wirring diagram

you will have to splice the circuit as close as possible to the speedo
like between 41 and 17
cut the wire
wire side from the speedo go to tip120
wire side from the tcm go to input
12V and ground

you should be done

I hope I won't be the only working conversion
it is so funny to use I hate Chrysler for not offering this as an option it's so simple to implement


one of the 2.4 true pionners


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