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Global Ruler Of All ThingsDarkOneJun-23-10 03:58 PM
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#4666, "RE: Weird stalling issue"
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Originally posted by iamnotwhoiam
Just got a "new" Talon ESi and it's got an Auto Trans. Strange thing is that i have been getting a cel that seems to be related to the Auto Transmission. The fluid looks good and full and it is shifting without any noticeable issues. What it keeps doing however is strange. It's a little random and will happen right after the car is started and sometimes while driving. When the rpms are low enough it will stall the engine and when driving it kind of stutters and i see the cel go off then back on. I suspect a sensor somewhere or maybe even the TCU. The cel code i got was 45 which states "eatx controller trouble code present" I would need to get a transmission code reader or take it somewhere I suppose to find out what codes are present. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Well holy shit.

Blinking CEL is typically indicative of a misfire condition. First thing I'd do is read the code with an actual scan tool and see if you can figure out what's pissing it off. Several things that can cause issues on the a604...

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