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Top 2GNT Technical Performance/Engine Auto Trans- A604 topic #4634
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ParaquatApr-13-10 10:45 PM
Member since Apr 13th 2010
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#4634, "Installation techniques"
Apr-13-10 10:46 PM by Paraquat


Hi guys.
My girlfriend just got her first Eclipse. It's been given a total once over and now it's time to drop the engine back in I just had some questions about the tranny.
We looked around for a prothane set but one said manual only. The other one said it was the same for GS/GST/GSX. I looked at a 5 spd Eclipse today but the mounts look the same. I just want to be sure they're the same before I buy mounts I can't use.

My next question is about the torque converter. I did an engine swap in my Blazer one time and I didn't have any output from the transmission afterwards. I brought it to a shop and they said it was because of the something something something.
I don't remember what - I blocked a lot of that truck out of my mind.

I'm just trying to find out now if there's any special techniques to doing it. Preferably something so I don't damage it like I did my Blazer transmission. Fill the tq converter and slap it on the input shaft and bolt it to the flex plate? Anything I should look out for? With any luck it's going in this weekend.
Thanks for any advice.



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