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2371, new member from Georgia
Posted by Josh_Effin_Tyre, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Hello all I'm Josh_Effin_Tyre and I'm new to the forum and kinda new to dsm's as well. I say kinda because it has been a valuable member of my family for 4 years. It was an engagement present for my wife with intentions of a fast and sporty performance beast, I have built race engines, mostly small block Chevy and Ford with the occasional 7.5 liter Ford big block thrown in, since I got my license. Loving American muscle I had never actually worked on a "import" I bought the car, it's a 1999 rs with a manual transmission and a rod knock. I the idea to build a monster of an engine and take the local high school kids money, however I got the news of the 420a sigh, from our local dsm buff. After I changed my mind about the build because he said it was pointless I switched to just a stock crank kit. My wife and I were disappointed, but it looked sporty and fast, had a header, short ram, a ractive muffler, and a home made cat back so I thought what the hell it gets good gas mileage. I have a son now and really have no desire to "mod" it further, I just want some problem areas fixed even though I have since found that you can make good power with it recently. For now it's a family car, well as much as it can be, it is my wife's car but I'm in love with it and would buy another one over a turbo any day simply because of other forums. Ppl asking for advice to make more power from a n/t get told to buy a turbo. It's a very reliable car, until the timing tensioner went out a month ago and I got the timing off a tooth or two. This is a long post and I'm sorry, but it's just great to be on a forum where I can comfortably communicate my love for the rs. Thanks for reading, and more to come as I'm wanting it in tip top shape mechanically!
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