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Topic subjectLong time lurker..
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2368, Long time lurker..
Posted by bliixx, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
So I've been a lurker here at 2gnt for quite some time but just recently signed up maybe 6 months ago. I realized reading in the BST section that I need to have quite a few posts to be able to sell something so I guess I better get started..
I'm from Atlanta but staying with my dad for a bit up in VA and in the town I'm in I think I'm literally the ONLY DSM guy. In the past month I've actually seen a grand total of two 2g's.

Currently I own:

1995 GS - 57xxx miles
BC stage 2 NA cams
BC springs
New lifters/rockers
Stainless valves with new stem seals
Angle job on valve seats and light port
OBX adjustable cam gears
17" Konig wheels w/ 225/45ft 245/45rr

1996 GS - 97xxx miles (currently awaiting turbo)
Wiseco 8.8 pistons and rings
Eagle rods
Mopar and ACL main and rod bearings
Balanced and blueprinted
Crane 14 cams
BC springs and retainers
2.4 lifters and rockers
AEM Tru time cam gears
ARP main, rod, and head studs
Mechanical timing belt tensioner
Gates kevlar timing belt
Melling oil pump
KYB struts w/ Megan springs
18" Enkei wheels w/ 235/40ft/rr

1999 GS - 124xxx miles - gave to my stepson
CAI is all
Put a set of 17's on there for him.

1995 GS - 4 year race build, never completed.
Turning it into a parts car.
Everything on it is still brand new, albeit ~4 years old.
Bottom end the same as my 96 all the way built and bored
I don't remember the cams in it but the top-end is completely done up.
Turbonetics T4
Turbonetics WG
Greddy FMIC
Full Greddy exhaust
Sparco reclinable racing seats
Sparco pedals
Sparco shifter
Eibach suspension
- Unfortunately this one never got finished and doesn't look like it's going to. About to turn it into a donor car for my '96 and start selling crap off of it and just take the loss. Can't even imagine how many $1000's are in it but... oh well.
This car is the reason I need to get my post count up because I want to sell the stuff to fellow 2gnt'ers and I've just never posted here though I've been lurking for years.

So, yes, that's 4 of them... I have a problem.
My wife wishes Chrysler and Mitsubishi never existed.
I've actually tried getting her into one of them but she refuses. She will barely ride with me as it is. She will stick with her CR-V.
I can't imagine the man-hours I've put into all of these over the years..
My license plate on my dd reads- RUN DSM
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