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2295, Hello from Germany
Posted by Th3DooM, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Hello 2GNT-folks!

My Name is Robin and I'm from Germany. As you may know, in Germany 2G n/t was sold with an N/A 4G63. For my luck I bought an 98 Eclipse from an army guy near Frankfurt. After traveling 300 miles across the country and inspecting the car I found out it was a 420A! That makes me one of a few in good ol' Deutschland and even in Europe. Personally I know only 2 other guys with this engine.

That was about 3 1/2 years ago. Since that I replaced a lot of parts including the radiator, header, struts and springs and other minor stuff, most parts bought in the United States. I even started to buy stuff for a turbo built. But first, there is more maintenance planed like a complete timing job. Unfortunately it's really really hard to get parts over here. Sometimes it is cheaper to order from an american company including shipping, customs and taxes than getting the parts locally.

Enough of the wining, let's start the posting. After reading most of the articles on this site and other forums, I think I'm well prepared to start tough jobs on my car.

PS: Sorry for my probably bad english
PPS: Oh, I forgot a picture of my car. Here it is:

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