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Topic subjecthey errbody
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2117, hey errbody
Posted by domesticslayer83, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
I just picked up a 99 420a auto and my homie told me this was the site to be on if thats what i'm driving so here i are
2118, RE: hey errbody
Posted by Fallen4ng31, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by domesticslayer83
my homie told me this was the site to be on

Your 'homie' should have told you to present yourself as an adult if you want the community to take you seriously. That being said, welcome. Make use of the search function, chances are any questions you have were already answered at one point.
2119, RE: hey errbody
Posted by Babbz413, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Yea dawg wassup shun. dis be da site for ya, welcum...
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