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Topic subjectNew to the forums.
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2088, New to the forums.
Posted by Tulsa_2G, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Hello, my name is Duane. I have been reading the forums for some time now but i have just now quit being a idiot and registered. I am looking forward to bringing my 1998 silver GS to the next level, with all the things i have and will learn here. specs on the GS are: no mods, a rebuilt motor with 1500 miles, and a whole in the front of the flex pipe. The only CEL is the downstream o2 sensor but i figure it is due to the whole...
2089, RE: New to the forums.
Posted by freelancefool, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Welcome to the forums! 2GNT is a pretty nice resource. Lots of things to learn about these cars. Enjoy your stay!

PS - Don't poke the Dino.
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