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Topic subjectNew Guy Here From Maryland
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2072, New Guy Here From Maryland
Posted by 99BeaterGS, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Whats goin on guys. I stumbled across 2gnt.com searching on google go figure. Im in the prosses of a 420A-T build for my car.(very early stage) And i found a very helpful thread on it here and its very useful. http://www.2gnt.com/index.php?d=A%20Proper%20Rebuild (more on the build in the right spot (: )

Anyway, names tony. Live in the gold ol state of Maryland in Prince Georges County. I had a 96 ESI back in 05-06. I currently drive a 99 eclipse gs red/tan (dont really care for the tan interior) But like my name says its just my little ol 99 beater. As sitting in the garage is my toy 2006 GTO M6 hehe.

Well thats just alittle bit of what ya needa know.
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