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Topic subjectNew guy from Olympia Washington
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2030, New guy from Olympia Washington
Posted by ozeclipse99, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Hey guys! My name is Taylor, I am from Olympia Washington. I have been a member on dsmtalk for awhile now, however alot of my posts are related to my 420a and sometimes their not able to help me. Nothing against them at all! I love it there but thought I would further my "forum-ness" I now own two DSM's. My first car, which was a 99 eclipse gs, and now a 97 gsx. Right now the 420a is a 2.3l, has 12:1 pistons, full crower valve train with stage 3 cams, ACT clutch and the list goes on. To go along with all this, a snapped head stud and a blown head gasket. I achieved high 12's with a good tune. It was my dream to get an "all motor" car in the 12's but now that i'm there I want to be faster. Anyways i'm looking forward to a new forum!
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