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1691, Foggy Headlights
Posted by Jen, Dec-31-69 05:00 PM
Is it just me or are there several 2g with foggy drivers side head lights??? Does anybody here have a problem with that? My drivers side light is ugly yellowish and looks like it's 30 years old. Then I know 4 other people (with 95 and 96 Talons) that have the same problem... Does very fine sand paper help???

1692, RE: Foggy Headlights
Posted by cyan, Dec-31-69 05:00 PM
nope,its permanent. you cna either go with 97-99 headlights which dont suffer the problem or get projectors which do fog over but not as badly as stock 95/96. you cant get it off cause its not a stain or discoloration, its actually a change the the lens inself. i have a perfect passenger side 95-96 light i will sell if someone passenge went bad (the driver is usually the bad one, but sometimes the passenger or even both lights go yellow
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1693, RE: Foggy Headlights
Posted by Jen, Dec-31-69 05:00 PM
Oh man.... That really sucks... There are supposed to be those wonder liquids that promise to make it look like new again, but I don't think they are worth it... I guess I'll just have to keep my head light covers :)

1694, RE: Foggy Headlights
Posted by domr, Dec-31-69 05:00 PM
This is a recent e-mail from a member of the local DSM club.

"Here a little tip from the same Eagle Mechanic who replaced my ball joints.

My driver side headlight started looking kinda dirty and dull and all around
yellow about 2 years ago. This is a common DSM problem and if you haven't
noticed you are lucky or don't look at your headlights often enough. I have
tried cleaning mine several times with little or no improvement.

Well, as my car is getting ready to leave the garage the mechanic comes over
with a mystery can of white paste and wipes it all over my head light. I
explain that nothing I've found really works on them and he says just watch.

Magically my head light comes clear and its obvious that with a little work
it could look better, but I was amazed none the less. I asked what was in
the mystery jar and he told me Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish at which
point my heart skipped a beat. I wanted to ask, "You mean you put something
abrasive a aluminum polish on my headlights?" but I was too awestruck by my
clear headlight.

I immediately drove to the nearest Advanced Auto and bought a jar for $3.49
and pulled my headlight out of the car. After about 10 minutes my headlight
looked great, and when some local DSMers arrived at my apartment I showed
them and they wanted to know where I found a new headlight. So this stuff
really works and is cheap. I've tried it on both 1Gs and 2Gs and it works
wonders, so if you are blessed with yellow headlights try Mothers Mag and
Aluminum Polish, I promise you won't regret it."

This was on a 99 GSX i believe.

1695, RE: Foggy Headlights
Posted by cyan, Dec-31-69 05:00 PM
damn, thats unbelievable!
i stand corrected
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