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Topic subjectBlowing 10a “Radio Fuse”, Gauges, Sidemarkers, Taillights not working
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105998, Blowing 10a “Radio Fuse”, Gauges, Sidemarkers, Taillights not working
Posted by birdii, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Car been working without any problems before this issue. Once I turn ignition on, the 10a radio fuse under the hood blows everytime. Gauge lights, sidemarkers, AC controls, taillights stopped working. Tried disconnecting headunit also disconnected dimmer switch, fuse still blows. Tried grounding the yellow/black wire hack method to see if the dimmer was the problem, didn’t do anything different.

Usually when I arm or disarm my aftermarket alarm (viper) I see all the instruments lights inside my car blink on and off. It still does it without any issues. Headlights and brake lights works. The other little instruments and warning lights works when the car starts up. Aftermarket headunit (Kenwood DDX9902s) works. Checked and tested rest of fuses under the hood and inside the car, nothing is blown.

I checked the side markers, unhooked it, checked the wiring it looks good. The strange thing is all the lights do work only when I use autostart. I can even use the dimmer switch to dim the lights but when I press the brake pedal everything goes off and it doesn’t come back on.

Normally everytime I use autostart (Viper 5901 2-way Car Alarm). The side markers, taillight, instruments, hvac lights are on. I press the button to unlock the car, put the key in, turn it and then press the brake pedal to deactivate the auto start. All the lights I mentioned would turn off, I would turn my headlights on, the sametime all the lights would come on then drive off.

I can confirm my dimmer switch and Signal/Headlight Switch/Lever isn't the issue. I swapped out the parts with my 97 GST and it still doesn't work. I even pulled out my headunit and disconnected all the wiring, it didn't help. Any other suggestions I can look into? Sucks to drive at night.

Thank you

99 420a N/T Auto
No mods pretty much stock.
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