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105955, All Black Interior
Posted by dadude1425, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
I currently have the Saronno Red exterior with the black and tan interior, but I think it would look much nicer with an all black interior, much like this pic I found on a thread on DSMTuners about carpet cleaning...

I don't want to mess with painting, knowing it won't look as good or stand up to any wear, so does anyone know how I would go about finding all the trim pieces? These cars aren't popular at all in my area. I've maybe seen 3 other 2G DSMs within a 100 mile radius, so junk/salvage yards and classifieds are out. I tried JNZ Tuning, and though I was looking for '99 parts (I'm pretty sure the OZ Rally Edition had an all black interior, and I thought those would be listed too), they didn't have any special black pieces that are normally gray. Is there a website or somewhere I can go to get these OZRE trim pieces?
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