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Topic subjectAll Black Interior
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105955, All Black Interior
Posted by dadude1425, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
I currently have the Saronno Red exterior with the black and tan interior, but I think it would look much nicer with an all black interior, much like this pic I found on a thread on DSMTuners about carpet cleaning...

I don't want to mess with painting, knowing it won't look as good or stand up to any wear, so does anyone know how I would go about finding all the trim pieces? These cars aren't popular at all in my area. I've maybe seen 3 other 2G DSMs within a 100 mile radius, so junk/salvage yards and classifieds are out. I tried JNZ Tuning, and though I was looking for '99 parts (I'm pretty sure the OZ Rally Edition had an all black interior, and I thought those would be listed too), they didn't have any special black pieces that are normally gray. Is there a website or somewhere I can go to get these OZRE trim pieces?
105956, RE: All Black Interior
Posted by eclipse420ags, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
There is no all black interior, the kick panels and the glove box are painted. It also looks like the miidle console is painted black, doesnt blend with the pleather arm rest compartment. The grey carpet was either dyed or replaced as well.
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