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Topic subject2gnt Wheel Database Thread
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103000, 2gnt Wheel Database Thread
Posted by teklein, Dec-31-69 05:00 PM
Okay, a couple other forums do this, and I think it would great for our community as well. Not to mention other DSM communities as well!

These are the requirements as this will be put into the wiki when I get a few:

A picture. Maybe two. These need to be AT LEAST 800x600! If you dont know how to resize them, PM me with a link to the pic and ill do it.

The color is because some manufacturers call their wheels "Hyper Silver" or "Plain Gold". This is if you know the exact name, otherwise just put the color :P

For wheel weights visit http://www.wheelweights.net/.

You will need to fill out this information (copy and paste):

Wheel make/model:
Tire size:
Weight (if you know it):

Lets get this going!

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