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Posted by DR1665, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by DarkOne
I had just blown up my 2.0L motor and was reasonably distracted.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (From the guy who crowdfunded that dyno session.)

Originally posted by DarkOne
After Bryden sold it, I remember Hujjat had it and tried to keep it together, and I remember something about it being in or at a shop and getting burglarized in a parking lot and a lot of things stolen off the car. I know it bounced around for a while and I think someone here at 2GNT (you?) eventually bought the chassis, but I didn't know / didn't remember what happened to the motor.

Damn, dude. It feels like we were just talking about this yesterday. And I can still remember seeing Shamu in person for the first time. I think the pictures are still up in the Shootout sub. Handful of cars in a random, Illinois parking lot. (Wasn't that also the year we met for the first time, D? Cereal5 picked me up at O'Hare and delivered me to Bitch Hands' parents' place.

God. We were such children back then.

Originally posted by DarkOne
Originally posted by DirtMegirt I don't know Hujjat, but what I do remember is that a member by the name of Whoodat(same person??) had it running and had some dyno numbers, but ran into some insurance issues which forced him to sell it. I believe the member I bought it from, pghsebring(??), bought it from Whoodat.
Yeah, same guy. Hujjat / Whodatt / Hugeass ... Nice dude. He put corn stalks in my bed one year at the Shootout. Wonder whatever happened to him.

I like to think he got in with Bucknutty and they're still partying out there somewhere with Hester's mom.

In any case, Mr. Megirt, I don't know how much we interacted back in the day, but for the record, I think what you're doing/have done here is legendary. We cut a lot of teeth on this board. So many lives changed for the better by "wasting time" on the company dime 20 :whoa years ago. Seeing this lump back up and running—perhaps better than at any point in its life—is damned inspiring. Kudos to you, sir.
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