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Posted by DirtMegirt, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by DarkOne
It was a long time ago, so not much. I remember it had a healthy overbore on it and according to the shop, an stroker crank (offset-ground and welded) and custom rods. I remember nothing about the coatings, except that those dudes loved to coat everything they touched.

This is part of the printout I received from JE. I still have it, so I'll have to dig it up to post the full sheet. According to the EDZ fsm, the stock bore is 3.444" and the stock stroke is 3.976". So that makes the overbore 0.056"(1.4mm), and the added stroke 0.149"(3.78mm). I believe the machinist I took the rotating assembly to told me the rods spec'd out to stock 4g63, so I think they were forged Eagle's for that engine.

Originally posted by DarkOne
I want to say that they reused all the 2.0L brackets by welding tabs onto them, or drilling holes through them, and they broke several times.

I can't provide any info because I didn't receive any mounts.

Originally posted by DarkOne
I remember it had a Stratus oil pump on it and maybe a Venom or OBX intake manifold. Think it was on stock cams. I want to say the original fuel system on it was pretty inadequate (some giant pump, a 1:1, and like... 440's maybe)?

I do remember receiving the Stratus pump, and moving it along once I made the decision to use the SRT oiling setup. Like I mentioned in the wiki article, I only bought the bottom end, so I can't comment on the rest. I think the head had already been sold or parted.

Originally posted by DarkOne
This would have been back in 2003/2004 time frame, maybe? I saw it on the dyno once but don't remember the numbers. I had just blown up my 2.0L motor and was reasonably distracted.


Originally posted by DarkOne
After Brynden sold it, I remember Hujjat had it and tried to keep it together, and I remember something about it being in or at a shop and getting burglarized in a parking lot and a lot of things stolen off the car. I know it bounced around for a while and I think someone here at 2GNT (you?) eventually bought the chassis, but I didn't know / didn't remember what happened to the motor.

I don't know Hujjat, but what I do remember is that a member by the name of Whoodat(same person??) had it running and had some dyno numbers, but ran into some insurance issues which forced him to sell it. I believe the member I bought it from, pghsebring(??), bought it from Whoodat.
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