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Posted by DarkOne, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by DirtMegirt
Originally posted by DarkOne I'm super curious to know what all was done to that motor and what you found when you tore it down. I was around when it was originally built and that shop did a bunch of shady shit to get it out the door.
Thanks man! It actually sound like you know more about it that I do. Originally, I was shipped the assembled shortblock, a stratus oil pan that had baffles welded in, and some small odds and ends that I wish I could remember what they were. I ditched the stratus pump, sold the pan, and began the teardown. Immediately I found scoring on at least one cylinder wall, so I took the empty block to the machinist who informed me I should look for another one. Unfortunately, I can't remember anything else that stood out. Wasn't the shop that did the build ARD? If I remember correctly, they're the ones who directed me to Polymer Dynamics. What else can you tell me about it?

It was a long time ago, so not much. I remember it had a healthy overbore on it and according to the shop, an stroker crank (offset-ground and welded) and custom rods. I remember nothing about the coatings, except that those dudes loved to coat everything they touched.

I want to say that they reused all the 2.0L brackets by welding tabs onto them, or drilling holes through them, and they broke several times. I remember it had a Stratus oil pump on it and maybe a Venom or OBX intake manifold. Think it was on stock cams. I want to say the original fuel system on it was pretty inadequate (some giant pump, a 1:1, and like... 440's maybe)?

This would have been back in 2003/2004 time frame, maybe? I saw it on the dyno once but don't remember the numbers. I had just blown up my 2.0L motor and was reasonably distracted.

After Brynden sold it, I remember Hujjat had it and tried to keep it together, and I remember something about it being in or at a shop and getting burglarized in a parking lot and a lot of things stolen off the car. I know it bounced around for a while and I think someone here at 2GNT (you?) eventually bought the chassis, but I didn't know / didn't remember what happened to the motor.
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