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Posted by DirtMegirt, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by DarkOne
I'm super curious to know what all was done to that motor and what you found when you tore it down. I was around when it was originally built and that shop did a bunch of shady shit to get it out the door.

Thanks man! It actually sound like you know more about it that I do. Originally, I was shipped the assembled shortblock, a stratus oil pan that had baffles welded in, and some small odds and ends that I wish I could remember what they were. I ditched the stratus pump, sold the pan, and began the teardown. Immediately I found scoring on at least one cylinder wall, so I took the empty block to the machinist who informed me I should look for another one. Unfortunately, I can't remember anything else that stood out. Wasn't the shop that did the build ARD? If I remember correctly, they're the ones who directed me to Polymer Dynamics. What else can you tell me about it?

Originally posted by DarkOne
I'd love to know more about the ELDS setup you built.

I dug up a few more pics. I began by installing the intermediate shaft to see how I could mount it. There was one boss that was at a height that I needed, so I cut a piece of cardboard to see where else it could mount. As you'll see in the pics, I originally wasn't gonna use the knock sensor mount, but figured it would add strength since the shaft mounts so close to it. After finalizing the design in cardboard, I was just left with turning it into steel and finding spacers to level it out. The only change to the mount from the last pic was to lop off that chunk above the top edge of the mounting arm, and round off the corners(which you can kinda see in the second to last pic). I was able to complete it with a NOS OEM passenger axle for the setup on ebay.

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