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Topic subjectBeen awhile. Back with another 99 OZ eclipse gs
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33854, Been awhile. Back with another 99 OZ eclipse gs
Posted by cragster, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Hey guys been forever since I been here surprised I remembered my password and username lol. Anyway I picked up a 1999 eclipse oz auto for my wife for 385 bucks.
Towed it home I got it to start by jumping the battery. I found some bad fuses including the 120 all alternator fuse. Fixed that and it starts right up. Still has a lot of issues though.
The rear driver side wheel looks like it is angled inward the other 3 tires look straight like normal. Also the rear end feels terribly bouncy. I'm gonna post a pic of this tire. Looking to know what you think I should check first.
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