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33846, RE: Accident damage
Posted by Corbin, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
I wouldn't drive two hours for that. Those are undesirable parts that anyone parting out a car would be happy to get rid of. I threw away four or five this winter. See the picture below:

Which arm is it? Send that picture to http://millerimportparts.com/ and I bet they can ship it to you for a fair price. If it turns out to be 41300A(L or R), be advised that the part is different for cars with and without rear sway bars. If your car came with a sway bar, you can only use the part intended for cars with rear sway bar. For 41617(L or R) and 41350, just get ones from any 2GNT. The 4G63 turbo versions look the same, but have different part numbers. Not knowing what the difference is, I would stick with 2GNT parts.

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