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Topic subject2 new 205/55/16 tires here in SoCal: Front or rear?
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33834, 2 new 205/55/16 tires here in SoCal: Front or rear?
Posted by jazzkeys, Dec-31-69 05:00 PM
Howdy, y'all. How y'all are?

The left front Goodyear Eagle LS (Like!, but the UTQG is only 360/A/B) has a tread bulge caused by a belt failure and must be replaced. I'm gonna replace 2 of the tires and keep the best of the others. The shop (America's Tire) says that new tires should go on the rear to prevent oversteer on wet pavement. There's a poster in the shop that the service writer points to as his basis of authority. However, I'm not convinced, given that I drive on dry pavement here in SoCal. The weight bias of my Eclipse GS is frontward, and FWD "pulls" the car. The front tires carry a heavier load and wear faster. Seems to me that on dry pavement the newer tires on the front will even out the treadwear rate. I can have the newer tires rotated to the rear in the fall, in the unlikely event that we'll ever see rain again here in SoCal.

I think that Michelin produced this video:


Andy in The OC.
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