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Topic subjectRecent Alignment - Spec sheet
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33823, Recent Alignment - Spec sheet
Posted by xcasbonx, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
I just had an alignment done yesterday on the car and wanted to share the specs to get some opinions from some of you guys who may know more than I do. In all reality, it looks like a camber kit for the front should be considered in the future to get the left/right even, and I think for the rear I may have to remove a washer or two. Any insight is appreciated.

16" wheel
Lowered 1.5" on Tein S-techs with Tokico HP's
Replaced front lower arms/ball joints
Neuspeed front upper strut bar
Pilot rear upper strut bar
$15 rear camber mod (longer bolts w/ 6 washers)

Here's an image of the printout. (Copy/paste add the g to the extension.)

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