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Topic subjectRE: How to center steering wheel?
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33799, RE: How to center steering wheel?
Posted by Slo2g, Dec-31-69 05:00 PM
Not hard at all, 4 bolts and the column drops, then its just the pinch bolt holding the two joints together, sounds like your entire column is off and not just the wheel off center. A non tedious way to straighten it back out is to lock the steering wheel in one direction and count the number of revolutions to the other lock, then turn the wheel half of that. At that point your wheels and column should be straight, then its just a matter of taking the wheel off and centering the wheel. Its not the most accurate way to do it but it will get you in the ball park, the other way is to break out the plumb bob and angle finders and rulers, if you don't know what I'm talking about then its best you do not attempt...you could make things a LOT worse, lol. Good luck
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