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Topic subjectRE: replacing shocks, bushing, r&p.. anything else?
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33775, RE: replacing shocks, bushing, r&p.. anything else?
Posted by MCubed45, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by Grothe3297avenger
Good lord, with that many miles I would also look at all your upper and lower control arms and make sure there is no real excessive play in them while you are down there and swapping parts out!

the prothane kit replaces almost every bushing so that should take care of any bushings that are on their way out (a couple are gone already). i've had the ball joint recall done as well.

so i'd be mostly checking on the condition of the remaining ball joints, right? are any of them replaceable or do they all come with the arms? IIRC in the front there's 1 up top and 2 below, and just 1 in the rear on the toe arm.
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