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Topic subjectFC Brakes?
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33729, FC Brakes?
Posted by 97 Demon, Dec-31-69 05:00 PM
Has anyone attempted to install a set of RX7 FC brake calipers to our cars, would they fit? I am asking because there is a nice set of 4-pot/2-pot front/rear brake in my local junkyard an I am looking to upgrade my brakes. I am sure that I would have to fab a braket, but with that in mind would it work?
33730, RE: FC Brakes?
Posted by CODE4, Dec-31-69 05:00 PM
The number of pistons is not really a deciding factor. What is the curb weight of the FC? Likely less than the 2gnt. Anything can be made to fit. If you wanted to make adapter brackets to runan evo sized rotor or greater then go for it.

Otherwise not worth the time. Research what the clamping force of those calipers are and compare.
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