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Topic subjectFront suspension clunk. Cant track down
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33700, Front suspension clunk. Cant track down
Posted by SilvrEclips, Dec-31-69 05:00 PM
Hey guys, Need some help tracking down a suspension clunk issue. In the last few months I heard the suspension clunk a few times during an auto x event. Then I heard it again a few weeks later when hitting a big hole with the front right tire. It was really loud, my buddy in the car behind me heard it hit. I got out and checked the car, checked bolt torques to verify nothing was loose. Heard it again last week and now Im determined to get to the bottom of it. I have taken the front right suspension apart and check all the ball joints. The have no movement in their sockets even when prying on them. Wheel bearing is good, all of the bushings are there and dont seem to be in bad condition. Didnt find any loose bolts.

The car needs some maintanence work and I want to fix this at the same time but Im not going to rebuild the entire front end if it doesnt need it.

Parts Im replacing:

Outer tie rods, they arent bad but the boots are torn
Inner tie rod boots, they are ripped but the joint is tight
Driver side wheel bearing
New pads and rotors with SS lines

The struts are tokicos and have probably 50k on them, anything Im missing that could be the cause of this clunk. Its starting to piss me off that I cant track it down.
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