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Topic subjectKoni Yellow (sport) install pics.
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32904, Koni Yellow (sport) install pics.
Posted by CODE4, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Between everything else going on I had a bit of time this evening to install the Koni Yellows I have on the shelf. Only had time to do the driver's side before the wife started nagging about watching the baby. Sigh... Maybe some this week I can finish it.

As you can see I was trying to rush and tore my lower ball joint boot with the front strut mounting fork. I was pissed then. The arms have about 15k miles on them. I just ordered a few ball joint dust boots/covers from the dealer (might as well have a few on hand). That is what I get for rushing the reassembly.

I have been riding on the OEM struts (160k miles) with Eibach Pro Kits matched to them for at least 36k miles. They were wasted. No visible leaking but little rebound & compression dampening.

32905, RE: Koni Yellow (sport) install pics.
Posted by RoninEclipse2G, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
That sucks about the torn boot, I'm surprised that you've been running on stockers with your stance.
32906, RE: Koni Yellow (sport) install pics.
Posted by CODE4, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Tell me about it. For the most part the roads where I have been are forgiving and not needing a lot of dampening. But being on Pro Kits took the toll though - I have had an increasingly harsh ride since coming to Florida.

Additionally I need get a full Prothane kit under her.
32907, RE: Koni Yellow (sport) install pics.
Posted by teklein, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Now all you need to do is make coilovers out of them ;)

Sick deal, and awesome struts.
32908, RE: Koni Yellow (sport) install pics.
Posted by dalesmitsu, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Nice setup, bummer about your boot. You might wanna get one of those infant front carrier support(look like backpack). So, could do two things at one time. Work on your rides and watch your child.

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