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Topic subjectNeed people with 8.5" and 9" wide rims
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32791, Need people with 8.5" and 9" wide rims
Posted by Corbin, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
I need more traction than my 215 tread width tires can provide, so I am looking to squeeze as much rubber underneath the car as possible. I want to properly support that rubber with the appropriate width wheel. I am OK with running the wheel flush with the side of the car, but it cannot noticeably stick out. I do need to turn corners, so the tire must not touch the fender liners. The car is fairly high with only a 1-1.2" drop (H&R OE). I would like to hear from a few people running 235-245 tread width tires on 8.5-9" wheels. Ideally, I want to know the offset of the wheel you run and if there are any issues. After some searching, I believe that an 8.5" wheel with 42 mm offset and 235 tread width tires will fit. If I could go 9" and 245 tread, that would be worth considering. Anyone running these combinations sucessfully?

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