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32188, RE: For all you lowered/kitted riders...
Posted by dalesmitsu, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by Babbz413
...how the hell do you handle roadside assistance as in towing or anything like that when your car is broke down? I used to have a dodge avenger lowered 2" w/o a body kit. I would have to take the front bumper off to have it put on a flat bed. I once had a flat tire on it and couldnt even get a jack anywhere under the car. I now have an eclipse that is stock bodied with a 97-99 front bumper with a 1" drop and had it towed recently and had a hell of a time with that. i hate watching a vehicle get pulled onto a flatbed as the bumper scrapes! I actually pulled out my video camera and recorded the whole thing in case something got wrecked by them... So if im having such a hard time with my stock bodied cars, im just curious what it is all you people with body kits do when something happens alongside the road...

Never been towed on a flat bed but mine was towed by a dolly. This is what the local shop used, plus the 4x2 board Mike mentioned.

As for the Jack thing, buy a Low profile 2 ton jack from Summitracing. Its pricey but it worth 180, or Walmart also has a 2 1/2 ton GM performance Low profile w/ led light, 3 types of sized sockets, comes with molded case all for 50 bucks.

These are good for raising the sides, the reg. 2ton non low profile jacks are useless.

I bought the one from Walmart to save me a few bills but I would rather own the Summit jack.

here's their web link

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