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26902, RE: APEXi coilovers
Posted by CustomGS, Dec-31-69 06:00 PM
Originally posted by BumpinTalon
anybody got em??? I think FlyinESi does.. but I'm not sure. couldn't find anything in the search about them.. but they look like a solid product. anybody have any experience with them?

Come on guys, He asked if anyone had them. Not if suspension needed to break in. They are a sleeve coilover correct? I say wait and put out the money for a full coilovers. Tein, Nex.

And no matter if suspension needs to "break in" or not it. It will never go back to stock ride feel. I would always suggest lowering springs w/good shocks. over coilovers anyday or at least Full coilovers if any. Sorry no experience w/the Apexi's.
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